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Aromatherapy Love Potion

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Aromatherapy and Love Potions Aromatherapy has been a popular form of alternative therapy for centuries. Some of the best ways to incorporate its benefits into your daily routine is through the use of diffusers, Salt Scrubs and body butters. The combination of essential oils and… Read More »Aromatherapy Love Potion

Why Aromatherapy

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Introduction Custom blends of Aromatherapy products blended JUST FOR YOU! Aromatherapy products are not just another body care product, they serve a purpose to offer solutions for physical symptoms & emotional well being. (Eczema, Scars, Sunburn, Stress, Joint Inflammation) Why use a mass produced “Body… Read More »Why Aromatherapy

What is Aromatherapy?

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What is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the use of pure Essential oils, & Hydrosols steam distilled or cold pressed from aromatic plants to provide relief and care of both physical and emotional symptoms. The Naturally occurring chemical compounds in the essential oils, provide a range of… Read More »What is Aromatherapy?


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Introduction Herbal infusions are made by adding a dried aromatic herb/ plant, to a carrier oil and allowing it to infuse by sun, for several weeks. The plant material is strained out, and you are left with the therapeutic benefits from that plant, in the… Read More »HERBAL INFUSIONS

Aromatherapy Custom Blends

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Introduction Custom blends of Aromatherapy products blended JUST FOR YOU! “My favorite scent and essential oil is Patchouli, can you make me a patchouli body butter & Sugar Face scrub to match?” YES, WE CAN! “I want something natural to help after beach day, for… Read More »Aromatherapy Custom Blends

Yoga Partners

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps you balance spirit and body Foxes Farmacy invites you to bring yoga into your life with Jamie Lacey-Moreira of MoreEase Yoga. Together we offer you gentle “aroma yoga” classes and events. With an emphasis on inclusive, traditional yoga for… Read More »Yoga Partners