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Aromatherapy Custom Blends

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Custom blends of Aromatherapy products blended JUST FOR YOU!

“My favorite scent and essential oil is Patchouli, can you make me a patchouli body butter & Sugar Face scrub to match?” YES, WE CAN!

“I want something natural to help after beach day, for sunburns and moisture back into my skin.” OK, I’ve got you. Let’s do a Peppermint, Lavender salt scrub to help scrub off the sand, exfoliate and start to cool & calm your skin. We will follow it with a (Skin cooling) Peppermint & (Burn soothing, skin calming) Lavender Body butter for after the shower.

Maybe you have eczema, or psoriasis or are going through radiation treatments and need an alcohol free, skin soothing solution. We work together, to come up with a natural product to balance and soothe.

How it works

We can blend by choosing the product first, or blend the product according to your end goal. For example: Inhalers for stuffy noses or immunity boost, Body Scrubs, Floral water Face Toners and Foot Sprays. Detox & Mineral baths. Natural Body Butters, that have a purpose (Promotes rest, reduces stress, calms the skin, helps with eczema, promotes circulation or flushing uric acid). Massage oils with an added purpose (rheumatism relief, stress relief, nausea relief.. etc)

Custom Blends,Custom Carriers

Carrier oils are the base of our topical applications for essential oils. With custom blends we can use Chamomile infused oils, or Arnica Infused oil, maybe Calendula for balancing the skin. Come see me and let’s create something JUST FOR YOU!